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Exceptional Service
Timely Service

Our experienced Pro Shop staff will assist
you in all your bowling needs. Over 15
years of bowling and supervised by
Profesional Mike Hamilton. Mike started
bowling at the age of 3 and has over 60
perfect "300" games and over 30 "800"
series. Let us help!
We offer drilling, plugging, resurfacing, and
many more highly skilled services to
accomadate our bowlers. We have an
efficient, time elaborate process to get you
on the lanes as soon as possible.
Our Pro Shop features digital systems
including our drill press which is .001
accurate. We offer computerized spec
forms and e-mailed receipts saving paper
in the process.
Our Partners

We would like to thank these companies for their continued effort into
our youth programs and staffing our pro shop employees:
Join Our Clinic
Every Wednesday, Mike's Pro Shop runs a
clinic to help improve your game. Bird
Bowl has given an outstanding rate of
$4.00 per two hours of bowling. The
coaching in this clinic is completely free!
Click the link below for our Flyer on this
incredible clinic.
Clinic PDFClinic PDF
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